The Divided Energy Revolution


Programme priorities
The conference will focus on issues related to the future of the European and Czech energy sectors.
Meeting format and location
The maximum number of participants of the meeting in the hall in Ostrava will be 90 people. Throughout the meeting, 32 speakers, who form the so-called permanent panel, will be actively engaged in the discussions.
Looking back at the LMF 2023

About LMF

It is an independent communication platform, with the ambition to bring together the domestic economy elite. By using this platform, we intend, particularly in the energy industry, to open up new topics and offer the opportunity for promoting your business. We see our strength in the ability to name the issues to be addressed, explain their background, and bring key figures together at one table.

We created this space for sharing exclusive economic information and experience ten years ago. At that time, among other things, we became actively engaged in the discussion on updating the State Energy Concept. We are now following up on these activities just as on the successful organization of the International Energy Club meetings from 2012 to 2021.

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