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In 2008, the European Union launched its energy transition with the aim of combating climate change and improving the security and competitiveness of energy supply. Among other things, it relied on the assumption that technologies would be developed relatively quickly enabling cheap year-long emission-free generation of electricity and its long-term storage.

However, climate commitments have outpaced the development of new technologies. The twenty percent emission reductions gradually became fifty-five percent, and now the plan is to even achieve carbon neutrality. Where there is a goal, there is always a way, but there is also the rule that what determines the development of every human society is energy sources and access to them. Their sufficiency and affordability mean economic growth and prosperity. On the other hand, their lack results in crisis and poverty.

The start of 2022 was marked by record-high electricity and natural gas prices, the shutdown of operations of many energy suppliers, as well as further tightening of conditions for financing energy investments. As quickly as terms such as taxonomy and the use of so-called green gases appeared in public space, so they just as quickly disappeared because of the war in Ukraine. They have been replaced by new topics such as the stability of natural gas supplies, a return to coal, savings or energy poverty and setting up support for households and industry.

Logically, this offers the possibility of placing the strengthening of security of energy supply and the speed of decarbonization of energy alongside or opposite each other as topics for discussion. In this context, the discussion should cover, among other things, the conditions essential for tackling the forthcoming heating season, as well as the future of the energy section of the document entitled the European Green Deal.

The reason why we are holding the LEADING MINDS FORUM is because the very foundations of the energy market are being shaken.

About LMF

It is an independent communication platform, with the ambition to bring together the domestic economy elite. By using this platform, we intend, particularly in the energy industry, to open up new topics and offer the opportunity for promoting your business. We see our strength in the ability to name the issues to be addressed, explain their background, and bring key figures together at one table.

We created this space for sharing exclusive economic information and experience ten years ago. At that time, among other things, we became actively engaged in the discussion on updating the State Energy Concept. We are now following up on these activities just as on the successful organization of the International Energy Club meetings from 2012 to 2021.

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